In 2010, Macmillan Publishing tapped Frieman to become Modern Manners Guy – the host of a humorous weekly column and podcast about manners and etiquette on the Quick and Dirty Tips network. With over 10 million podcast downloads in over 200 countries, Frieman’s show is ModernMannerslogoranked as one of the top educational podcasts on iTunes. Based on the success of Modern Manners Guy, St. Martin’s Press commissioned Frieman to write a book about professional etiquette in the office place. The result is, Reply All… And Other Ways to Tank Your Career which is now available worldwide, on the shelves of all major booksellers, in print, ebook, and audio formats. REPLY ALL… (a best seller) features Frieman’s unique and humorous insight about manners in the work place, along with interviews he conducted with some of the world’s most famous CEOs, entrepreneurs and industry tastemakers, about their own experiences working their way up the corporate ladder. He holds back no punches and always tells it how it should be said.

9781250037268_p0_v1_s260x420REPLY ALL… debuted on September 17, 2013 and has since become an BEST SELLER, reaching #1 in three different categories; #1 in Business Etiquette (its main market), #1 in Business Lifestyle and #1 Self-Help & Psychology Humor (even surpassing “Dilbert”, “Anchorman”, Diary of A Wimpy Kid” and “The Last Lecture”). It continues to be a top selling business etiquette book worldwide, even translated and sold in mainland China. Interestingly enough, he’s actually one of the – if not the – youngest person in the manners and etiquette book categories to become a best seller. As well, remains one of the youngest authors overall on Amazon’s Best Seller’s List.

Continuing the success of Frieman’s etiquette writing, he is also the creator and illustrator of (Un)Mannerly Ways, a satirical comic strip about improper behavior (relationships, work, family, social settings, etc.).


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