Terple Life

“Terple – Always Dream Bigger” winner of The 2012 GELETT BURGESS Children’s Book Award for Best Poetry and Rhyme book, and winner of the 2012 CHILDREN’S LITERARY CLASSICS AWARD for Best First Picture Book, Early Reader.

Ever since the first Terple book was released in 2008, Richie has performed dozens of public readings, signings and appearances for several charities and organizations. As of May 2011, Richie made the decision to donate proceeds to charity. Terple is the heart and soul of Richie’s artistic life. From the first Terple tale in 2008, called “Terple – The Sky Is Just The Start” to the 2012 release, “Terple -Always Dream Bigger”, Richie has used his words and illustrations of Terple to help teach children that if you wish enough and see it through, that wish you wished, will come true.
Terple is a courageous and imaginative young turtle that always dreams bigger. Richie’s latest book, “Terple – Always Dream Bigger” is a goodnight book, that shows parents expressing their love and dreams for their child. In “Terple – Always Dream Bigger” – a rhyming picture book – Terple does not want to go to sleep, and would rather play. Who can blame him, right? However, knowing that Terple needs to rest so he can have new adventures tomorrow, his parents write him a goodnight letter that tells Terple how much they love him. In this letter, Terple is reminded how important he is to them, how proud they are of him and most importantly how you have to dream bigger if you want all your wishes to come true. We are told, “Look to the stars, then close your eyes, breathe in deep and realize… If you wish enough and see it through, that wish you wished, will come true.” We learn in this book, that there is no roof to dreaming, and no Terple The Sky Is Just The Startlimitations. Every child’s dream can be a reality, and every child should have the proper chance to fulfill it. After all, as Terple’s parents write: “Before one more kiss and one more hug, Before the last goodnight is said and done. Before you laugh so loud you shake the trees, Then swim in a rainbow of fallen leaves. Before hope gives you strength to move your feet, Before you know it’s hope that makes the heart beat.” It’s through this letter, that author and illustrator, Richie Frieman writes his own letter to his three year old daughter Madilyn. It’s his love for her, and how she has inspired him to never give up on his dreams, that has allowed Frieman to create Terple.


Below are all the details about Terple and Richie’s wild ride so far.   Children from all over the country, send Richie drawings they’ve done for Terple. Nothing is better than seeing children explore the arts so young.



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